Breaded Fish Fillets
Dan's Fish, Inc., offers value added products with Crispy Breaded, Original Lightly Breaded and other specialty coatings. All products with consistent sizing are frozen for longer product life and packaged into 10 lb cases. The products are intended for deep-frying or pan frying. The pre-breaded products offer savings both in time and labor. The breaded products are easy to prepare; they can be either cooked from frozen or thawed state. The products cook evenly golden brown and stay moist. Our breaded fish selection includes:
  • BREADED PERCH FILLETS (light or crispy breading)
  • BREADED PIKE-PERCH FILLETS (light or crispy breading)
  • BREADED BLUEGILL FILLETS (light or crispy breading)
  • BREADED BASA FILLETS (crispy breading)
Please see the product list for sizing and packaging details.